FIFA 18 The Journey: Check What’s New Features is Coming To The Story Mode

The introduction of the Journey Mode for the first time in FIFA 17 by Electronic Art’s has taken significant reviews regarding the gameplay and popularity.The triumph of the Journey mode brought well enough interest for EA to stick with it to create the season 2 of the story mode in FIFA 18 Game.

EA has confirmed that the “The Journey Season 2 ” will be a part of FIFA 18, which will be the expanded version of last year’s thriving story mode and it will bring new features, characters, and storylines.The journey mode will go to the more advanced level in FIFA18.

According to Wilson (EA CEO) “Our development team in Vancouver is deeply working on implementing innovative new features and experiences in FIFA 18 The Journey and it will be made on the foundation of last year’s story mode, bringing players back to the story mode, adding new features, characters, and storylines.He further said that our team is striving to make FIFA 18 game the most emotionally immersive and connected game we have ever produced.”

The CEO also shed some light on The Journey mode testing He proclaimed that more than 10 million users had played the story mode.

In addition to FIFA 18, Electronic Arts announced that this year the franchise headed the upcoming edition to Nintendo Switch.Details on the upcoming version will be published in later days, but as per Patrick Soderlund (EA Executive Vice President ), the game for Nintendo Switch will be a custom built version.

What Exactly The Journey Mode Is

As we know that every new year EA Sports FIFA brings us new updates, features, and characteristics in the gameplay but EA Sports introduced a brand new story mode “The Journey” for the first time in FIFA game series which is highly praised by the game users.

The Journey followed the birth of aspiring star Alex Hunter’s, to guide him through the youth career to all his way to the professional career.The Journey mode not only tends to the ground but also his relationships with his family, teammates, and manager.The splendid new mode by EA borrowed from the NBA 2k “My player” mode.At the beginning of the season, gamers are allowed to select any Premier League Club, and they can play on their choice position.

In FIFA 17 Journey, The career of Alex Hunter’s in the gameplay is fully depended on your performance and the decisions you make off in the game. It is all your performance which will turn him into a professional footballer.

The most important things we saw in the game are the ups and downs for all sports players in real life games and that’s shown in Alex Hunter’s journey in which his family is incredibly supporting him through each up and downs, which looks like you are watching soccer in real life.

For more than two years EA Sports was working on this feature but Frostbite technology made it possible to add this innovative mode in the gameplay, and it turned out to be a successful experiment for world’s famous football franchise EA.

Now, If you are eager enough to see how far EA will take the mode after the initial success of season one, then stay tuned we’ll keep updating you regarding FIFA 18 The Journey Season 2.

Here’s what we know about The Journey FIFA 18 so far.

FIFA 18 The Journey

The Journey FIFA 18

Electronic Art’s is being famous for delivering unique updates and features within every year game.But the Journey mode stands above all of old features and modes.The Journey mode gives a realistic picture of real life soccer which not only tends to the ground but also shows players activities in the apartments, hotel rooms, and airlines.
While The Journey ends didn’t surprise the game users and it finished with Alex winning the FA Cup, call up to the England squad for International Career.The story ends up in this way that the gamers could easily see Hunter’s International Career in Season 2.

Now in addition to FIFA 18, The Franchise is adding new features and characters to the Journey season 2.But along with season 2, there are much more innovations that are expected to be made.
The following features are expected to be available in FIFA 18 The Journey mode:

  • Alex Hunter’s Career Will Continue
  • Create your own Pro
  • Journey Based on Regions
  • Female Players in The Journey
  • More players in The Journey

Alex Hunter’s Career Will Continue

In the first season Alex Hunter debuts his professional career in the Premier League and shows how much efforts he has to put in making his mark in the Premier League, but we didn’t surprise from the end of the season, and it lasts on winning the FA Cup.However, Alex’s story will continue in The Journey Season 2, and it will be focusing more on Alex’s International career debut, and it will indicate how he deals with the pressure of becoming a global star.The franchise has already confirmed that Hunter’s story will continue in EA FIFA 2018 with more new features, characteristics, and storyline.

fifa 18 journey

the journey season 2

Create your Own Pro for The Journey

As the EA Franchise is updating the Journey mode, so it is expected that we will implement ourselves in the mode instead of Alex Hunter.Yes, it looks impossible, but EA franchise has already done it in other games like Mass Effect, etc.The new mode will be borrowed from being an own Pro, so we can keep fingers a crossed on this matter that we will create our own storyline and play career like Alex Hunter.As the franchise already confirmed that there would be more innovative features, characters, and storylines, so there are more chances of creating our own pro in The Journey FIFA 18.

Journey Based on Regions

The debut of the Journey mode in FIFA 17 was a tremendous experience for EA, but still, there are some glitches which need to be fixed.In FIFA 17 The Journey we only limited to English Top Flight season and no other major Leagues.But in the upcoming game, it is expected that EA might add up major leagues by different regions.In the start, we will be limited to national teams before joining any club, but after showing some performances on the ground then we can be selected for any club.The regions split up can come as following – Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America, and South America.

Female Players in The Journey

For the first time, EA  included women’s soccer in FIFA 16 which was well received by the game players, but the franchise didn’t give any focus to women football in FIFA 17.While playing women soccer, the game users are only restricted to International teams there isn’t any club in the Game.As EA Sports is more concerned about female users, there might be possibilities of female players in the Journey Season 2.We are surely going to see this feature in FIFA 18 t]The Journey.

New players in The Journey

According to EA,”Our development team in Vancouver is implementing new players to the Journey FIFA 18 with new features and storylines .”In the first season of the journey mode the game players are only restricted to Alex Hunter’s story, but in FIFA 18 game players will be able to control their favorite players on their consoles.

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