FIFA 18 News:EA Confirmed FIFA18 Coming to Nintendo Switch

During a FIFA event in Paris, the Game reactor had an interview with EA’s Executive office, Peter Moore, In which they asked his opinion about upcoming FIFA game which heading to release this year.
Speaking to the Game reactor, Peter Moore proclaimed the upcoming EA FIFA 18 is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and it will be a custom built version of EA FIFA.

Moore went on that the fast approaching of Nintendo Switch impressed me, to see FNAC stores with Nintendo Switch in the windows, he explained that the new console appeal to Electronic Art’s as a developer and they make us think about the console in a different way.So we are not far away from launching FIFA on Nintendo Switch.

As EA said of the game, “we are creating a custom-built version of FIFA for the Nintendo Switch,” Moore confirmed that it will be FIFA 18.He said EA and Nintendo are once again going back to work together.This happened after the franchise stepped away from Wii U, however, at the movement it is the first EA game confirmed for the Switch console.

The game reactor asked whether it would be based on the same features and slimmed down version of the game that we’re playing on Xbox one and PS4.

Moore replied: “FIFA 18 Nintendo Switch will bring new experiences, modes and it will be a custom built version from the EA development team in Vancouver.”

Previously only officially alluded to as “EA Sports FIFA on Nintendo Switch,” but for the Switch console EA confirmed for the first time as much, as well as suggest a publish date for the Switch version that the game for Nintendo console well also come out at the same date as others platforms.

Well as in the latest commercials of Nintendo Switch, we get our first look of FIFA game running on the Switch console.It’s just 15 seconds clip, but we will see the gameplay as well as some realistic picture on both TV and portable mode.

That’s all for our first FIFA 18 news roundup post.As soon as we get more news about FIFA 18, we will keep updating you on our website.

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