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FIFA 18 is just a few months away from its official unveiling.But EA Franchise announced the initial details of the upcoming installment; The Franchise confirmed that the successful experiment of story mode The Journey will bring Season 2 with all new features and storylines in the upcoming installment.

According to EA Franchise, FIFA 18 The Journey will bring more players to the story mode, and users will be able to continue Hunter’s story in the form of an international debut.The Franchise said that FIFA18 would feature an expanded version of last year successful experiment ‘The Journey.’Which fit out to be a splendid experiment by the EA Sports with covering over 10 million users tested out the new feature.

There is no doubt that FIFA 17 is a Marvelous game in FIFA game series, but there are still some glitches which need to be fixed, while graphics took a perceptible boost this year, especially player activities in Hotel, Airlines and on the ground which give a realistic picture to the game.

As per recent reports, EA Sports have already started working on the upcoming FIFA 18 game.So stay tuned and don’t go anywhere this will be the place of all your FIFA 18 news.

History of FIFA Game

FIFA is an electronic game series of football released annually by Electronic Arts under the label of EA.It is the first football video game which has an official license from FIFA, the world governing body of football.This is the main reason why EA is using the official name of FIFA.

FIFA game series contain many exclusively-licensed major leagues, teams, clubs and players around the world, and also including the main events supported by large single tournaments, such as FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA European Championship.

Football video game had been developed since the 1980s, but the first installment of the Football game series was created late in 1993 by EA Sports, under the official license of FIFA.The graphics of the game were cutting edge, and with such a huge game of football, it was one of the bestselling games of the year.After the success of FIFA 93, EA Sports developed FIFA 94 with minor retouches and introduced it with the same old engine, which rapidly sped up the series.


The next game in the football series was EA FIFA 95, which didn’t add much rather than the ability to play with other teams, and for the first time, EA added clubs into the game.It was the first game in which the penalty shootout practice mode was available in the gameplay.


It was the first installment of FIFA series to present players with genuine names and positions, with ranking, transfer and team customization tools.For the first time, EA introduced 3D graphics feature and players moving around real-time 3D virtual stadiums.


FIFA 97 was the first one in game series to have introduced indoor football mode and the inclusion of polygonal mode for players.EA Sports introduced for the first time commentary feature in this game.Andy Gray along with John Motson introducing the matches.


EA Sports introduced ‘Road To World Cup’ mode with all FIFA-registered national teams.This installment of the game series boasts a refined graphics engine, player and team customization options of the game and also users had the ability to change the referee’s strictness.Furthermore, the franchise implements a proper offside rule and a licensed soundtrack for the first time by Blur “Song 2” in the game series.It was the last FIFA game to be published on the 16-bit consoles


The major improvement we saw in FIFA 99 over previous versions is the inclusion of users being able to create their customs Cups and Leagues and select teams according to their demand.Additionally, FIFA 99 also introduced a European Dream League, in which top 20 teams from across Europe could battle out in a league format.While the gameplay’s responsiveness and fluidity were increased and a large number of leagues were added to the game.It was the best-selling game in the UK, replacing the Tomb Raider 3.The game was released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 64 and Playstation consoles.

FIFA 2000

This edition indicates users to have the ability to play over consecutive seasons and having the ability to compete for qualification in European Cup Competition.It was the seventh game in the FIFA game series.The US Major League was officially added for the first time in the game.In this edition, the franchise added the retired football legends.This version was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, and Game Boy Color.

Now Advanced -Where is FIFA Today

Since 1993, EA Sports has been launching the FIFA Game in sequence and now within every year the franchise adding a new game into FIFA game series.Moreover, EA Sports has been known for releasing one game per year.

Recently the Franchise introduced the significant addition FIFA 17 Journey, the most exciting launch in the franchise’s history, released on September 27, 2016, in North America, and on September 29,2016, in all over the world.The game is available for multiple gaming systems, including the Xbox one and Playstation 4.

Since the debut of FIFA Ultimate Team seven year ago, Electron Art’s didn’t introduce any game mode, but in EA FIFA 17 the Franchise adds a brand new mode “The Journey” in the gameplay which is highly praised by the users.

The star of “The Journey” mode is Alex Hunter, in which Alex Hunter takes charge of the path to turn himself into a professional player, impress the manager and fans in the Premier League.In The Journey mode, gamers are not only bound to control the youngster on the ground but also in his relationships along with his family, friends, and manager.It almost feels like this we are controlling real players on the ground.It will be more closer to the real football game in the upcoming FIFA18 game.

The game is powered by Frostbite engine, which is noticeable within the beautiful graphics and cut scenes, modes and brings every kind of new changes to the table regarding the game’s future development and direction.

FIFA 18 – Next In FIFA Game Series

fifa18 game, fifa 18 cover star, fifa 18

FIFA is one of the primary games series to unleash annual updates and within every FIFA game, the gameplay, the features, the options fastly developed and the game gradually modified from being a pure arcade game to the actual game of football.FIFA Video Game is already being called the most realistic Football game.

Since FIFA17 unveiled with all new options and modes including new attacking techniques, physical player overhaul, set piece rewrite and active intelligence system.

The Journey mode is the biggest leap that EA sports have ever taken in the FIFA video game.Now users are desperately waiting to see what the EA development team is going to bring in FIFA 18 EA.

FIFA 18 Game Release Date

fifa18 release date, fifa 18

As EA Sports introduce every year new game to FIFA game series, So you can stay assured that you will be able to play FIFA18 on your PC or consoles by the end of this year.

The release date of EA Sports FIFA 18 is not confirmed, but FIFA Soccer games usually release in September, so it is expected that FIFA 18 game along with FIFA 18 mobile will be published on the same date this year in September.
Look at previous games release date.

Title                                    Demo Release Date                                                                Game Release Date

FIFA 15                           9 September 2014(Tuesday)                                                23 September2014(Tuesday)
FIFA 16                           8 September 2015(Tuesday)                                                22 September 2015(Tuesday)
FIFA 17                           13 September 2016(Tuesday)                                               27 September 2016(Tuesday)
FIFA 18                   Expected 12 September 2017 (Tuesday)                           Expected 26 September 2017(Tuesday)

As per previous editions of game series and by going with the same tradition, the franchise is most likely to release the EA FIFA 2018 in the last week of September for PS4 and Xbox one.Later after console version, the PC version of the game will be disseminated.

For those who want to know about early access of FIFA 18 demo, so it is usually launching two or one weeks before the game realized date.

As EA announces new features, new updates, we’ll keep updating you through our web page till the expected FIFA 18 release date.As we get additional details about the game, we will inform you as soon as possible.

FIFA 18 Cover Star

The greatest open deliberation occurs in every FIFA fans before the arrival of any edition of the game, regarding the fact that who will be the cover star of the game. In the recent past, we have seen various footballers around the world who have appeared on the cover of the game.It has has been a proud moment for every player to be the cover star of FIFA game.

As of EA FIFA 17, Borussia Dortmund Star Marco Reus beats off Man Utd’s Anthony Martial for the game cover star, more than 3.1 million fans cast a vote in his favor.Marco Reus performed all the promotional campaigns and advertisements.He takes the place of Lionel Messi, who was back to back the cover star of FIFA 13 to FIFA 16.

FIFA 18 Cover star is not yet finalized but As EA is more interested in the young stars so there are possibilities that EA might select the rising star Dele Alli for the FIFA 18 cover.The young Englishman has grabbed the attention of every football fan by his incredible performance from several years.

Accordingly, EA selects the cover star depending on the results they get from the poll.But it will be more interesting to see Dele Alli be the cover star for FIFA 2018.


FIFA games series Fan & lovers chanting for the upcoming installment of the franchise.They expect a lot of features and changes are supposed to be made in the hugely awaited EA game.

The following features are expected to be available in FIFA 18 The Journey mode:

  • The Journey Season 2
  • Play as a Manager
  • Create Your Own Pro
  • Journey Based on Different Regions
  • Create Your Own Pro
  • Dynamic Weather
  • Crowds Like Real Life
  • Better soundtrack
  • Better Graphics
  • More attention to women’s football

The Journey Season 2

The innovation which is introduced by EA in their latest game FIFA 2017, the game has taken a massive popularity and reviews regarding the gameplay and features.The FIFA game players were craving for such a career mode.The mode indicates a young star “Alex Hunter” that how much efforts he has to put from being a rag to rich and make success in the football world.According to EA creator, FIFA18 will feature an extended version of well-liked game mode “The Journey.”We are working hard to develop Hunter’s story mode in a more creative way and adding some new characteristics and features to the mode.Moreover, EA Sports FIFA has already confirmed that this year we are introducing “The journey Season 2” with more additional features, storylines, characters and we are bringing more players to The Journey FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 pictures

Play As a Manager 

Imagine you’re playing soccer game as a Real Manager, and you are controlling players from outside ground, doesn’t this sound cool? So, It is expected that the franchise might come across with Manager career mode in EA Sports FIFA 18 in which you will have the ability to play as a team Manager and control players from sidelines.Moreover, you will also do press conferences after each match or tournament.PES Game already allows the game user to play as a manager.

Create Your Own Pro

Apart from playing as a Manager, it is expected that we can be ourselves in the journey mode instead of Alex Hunter.Sounds weird? But EA Sports already did it in Mass Effect game.The new mode will be borrowed from being a Pro, so we can keep fingers crossed on this matter that we will be able to create our pro and play like Alex Hunter in FIFA 18 gameplay.

Dynamic Weather

We’re planning to say that dynamic weather will be part of FIFA 18 feature.EA exclusive DICE’s Patrick Bach expressed the feeling about the weather that why changing the weather is so much important rather than just a “beautiful effect.”Changing weather will change the whole approach of FIFA 18 gameplay.The feature will slow down the running speed of player and passing accuracy and injury probability.Players will fall over more easily which will give a more realistic picture to the game.”

FIFA 18 Weather

Journey Based on Different Regions

The debut of the Journey mode in EA FIFA 17 was only limited to Premier League and no other major Leagues.As EA is more concerned to give the realistic picture of the real life football to the game.So, It is expected that The Journey FIFA 2018 might come up with different regions; this would be a charming addition to the game.The Journey season 2 can be split among these regions – Eastern Europe, Western Europe, South America, North America, Asia, and Africa.

Awards For Best Player

As we know, awards play a crucial role in the real life soccer; it is the aim of every professional player to achieve such awards like FIFA Player of the year, Ballon D’Or and much more.So as EA franchise already gives too much importance to the realistic approach of the game, it is expected to see such awards ceremony in the upcoming FIFA 18 journey mode.

Celebration Style of Players

As we’ve seen the new celebration style in the latest game of FIFA series, which allows the users to do players celebration after scoring goal.Now the franchise is focusing on more new celebration styles which will be more better than FIFA 17 celebrations and folks will see more realistic celebration styles in EA FIFA 2018.

Better Crowds

We know that fans and crowds are the biggest motivating factor in the real life football. While playing FIFA, we don’t see such crowds and fans to motivate the players.As Electronic Arts used Frostbite engine in the latest version of the game, hence they are trying to make FIFA game more realistic, they are doing hard work on resolutions to implement realistic crowds like real life soccer.It is expected to see better and realistic crowds in the upcoming installments.

Better soundtrack

As EA featured established artists like Blur, Kasabian and Radiohead in the past, but recently Electronic Art’s has added some more music from emerging talents.Therefore it is believed to have more music in the new installment and FIFA 18 soundtrack will be mind blowing

Better Graphics:

Jonas Skantz (Director of Frostbite Studio) told the Dream Team Gaming that our development team’s implementing more new gameplay innovations whether it’s FIFA or other games.He said that Frostbite switch is going to make FIFA 18 graphics better which would give a realistic and sensible picture to the game.Reports are saying that FIFA 18 Graphics will be mindblowing.Our hope and expectations about EA FIFA 18 graphics are pretty high; we believe that the graphics quality will give us a reality look of real life football.

More attention to women’s football

Electronic Art’s introduced the Women’s Football for the first time in FIFA 16 which is highly praised by the users, but the franchise didn’t give importance to this feature in FIFA 2017.While playing as a women’s football, you are only limited to international teams there is no any club football option in the game.As the franchise is giving more interest to female players.So, It is expected that the franchise is adding female players in the journey to lure the female users.So we’re looking forward to EA Sports FIFA to see female players in the career mode.

What EA Executive Officer Said about FIFA 18

EA executive officer Peter Moore told the game reactor,” FIFA 18 EA Sports will be a ‘custom built’ version for Nintendo Switch, and it will obviously release by later this year.The executive also confirmed that FIFA18 would have feature “Season 2” of widespread story mode”The Journey.”He confirmed that the Nintendo version would bring new modes, storylines, and new experiences within FIFA 18 gameplay.

Moore dropped a couple of more handful alternative bits of information that provide a lot of clarity on the FIFA Nintendo Switch version. He noted that it’d be developed in the House of EA Sports, at EA Vancouver in Canada.He said that the current game only includes the English top flight season, but in FIFA 18 The Journey we are bringing players back to the mode and users will be able to continue Hunter’s story with a host of new features, characters, and storyline.

Andrew Wilson (CEO of Electronic Art’s)announced the essential bit of FIFA 18 news in the last week of January, before the nine months of game’s expected release date that”Our development team is creating new innovative experiences in FIFA 18 video game, including FIFA 18 ultimate team, The Journey Season 2 and creating new features and it will be the most emotionally and connected FIFA game we have ever introduced.”

He also said that the game users received some errors in the gameplay, which affected the performance of the game through the on-pitch action, tough it is because of upgrading the gameplay engine to make graphics more splendid and lovely but we weren’t as successful in implementing it in better form that’s why the game didn’t run on some devices.

So for that problem”Our development Team is updating the game engine and controls to fix this issue in the upcoming game.However it also feasible that we come back with the previous FUT15 gameplay engine which controlled our most well liked FIFA game ever.”



It is a nature of a human being that they wish for more and more.Same is the case with FIFA game Fans; they wish from EA Sports to add new features and modes in the upcoming EA FIFA 18 Game.

Football is the most favorite and popular game in the world.Whenever the FIFA world cup starts, people hooked to their TV’s or the internet and chanting for their teams and players till the last part of the game.EA Sports FIFA is the most popular and lovable video game, and it is not merely a video game for the gamer, but it is the most enjoyable thing for them which not just permits hours of fun and entertainment, but also provides you a progressed and high level of an understanding football game.

FIFA is one of the best well understood, and quality graphics football games for which you can say that the EA development team has done a lot of hard work on the graphics. This is the thing that we expect and wishes to find in EA FIFA 18 trailer.

EA FIFA 18 Rumours

When EA CEO told the game reactor about FIFA Nintendo Switch, rumors emerged that the new version of FIFA game series would be based on the edition that was to come out on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

At this point the executive officer said that the forthcoming FIFA would be “custom-built form of Nintendo Switch.” then the Gamereactor posed a question from the official officer(Moore)if the Switch version would be closer to the PS4 /Xbox one or PS3/Xbox 360 versions.Moore replied that”EA team in Vancouver is working hard on this issue to create a custom built form of FIFA 18 Nintendo Switch.”

Now we need to sit tight for FIFA 18 game release date to perceive what EA Sports exact plans are for the forthcoming game whether they are going for fresh Engine or executing the old FUT15 Engine.

According to rumors that players will be able to create their team in the FIFA 18 career mode where you will have the ability to create your objectives and goals.Also, you will be able to control the youth teams such as u18 and u21, else from youth teams you will be able to select the best player.

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